Affaire Kadhafi: La lettre que Tripoli a adressée à la Suisse


Affaire KadhafiLa lettre que Tripoli a adressée à la Suisse

Voici la lettre en anglais que Tripoli a adressée à la Suisse et que Hans-Rudolf Merz a interprêtée comme
promesse de libération des otages avant fin août

To his Excellency Hans-Rudolf Merz

President of Swiss Confederation

Tripoli, 26th of August 2009


Let me first express to your Excellency my sincere appreciation for your genuine efforts that have contributed to the successful conclusion of the agreement of the 20th of this month between our two countries.

In the context of fulfilling our respective obligations under the Agreement I am pleased to inform your Excellency that we, in Libya, have already initiated the required actions required from our side under the said agreement. The process of designating the personality from our side to act as a member of the arbitral tribunal is in the preparation and should be completed in the specified period mentioned in the second point of the agreement.

We have also designated Mr. Khalid Kaim, Under Secretary of the Secretariat of Foreign Liaisons and International Cooperation as our designated person in accordance with point seven of the Agreement. He is well known to the foreign Ministry of Switzerland as he was the Chief negotiator in the matter of the incident of 15th July 2008. He has been instructed to immediately establish the contact with his counterpart from the Swiss Foreign Ministry to fulfill their duties under point seven of the Agreement.

Finally I would like to assure your Excellency that with regard to the two Swiss nationals who have been subject of judicial measures due to their violation of the immigration laws of Libya, they are and have always been free to move freely inside Libya and they have never been under any kind of arrest. The legal process with regard to their case is under way and the General Prosecutor is dealing with the matter in accordance with the relevant Libyan laws and regulations and on an expeditiously manner.

We anticipate that the procedures will be completed in a matter of days. Based on the normal course of things in similar situations we believe that their case will be determined very soon and they will be able to travel outside of Libya before the end of this month.

I thank you for your understanding and hope to have provided assurance to your Excellency with regard to the points of importance to you as you have pointed out in several occasions.

With my sincere regards

Dr. Albaghdadi Almahmoudi

Secretary of the General People's Committee (ap)

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