New App Feature20 Minuten now available in English!

You can now choose an English language setting in the 20 Minuten app. In total, the content can be read in 12 languages.

«We want to ensure that information is accessible to all people living in Switzerland», says editor-in-chief Gaudenz Looser.

What’s new

German isn’t your first language and you find it easier to read the news in English? Want to know what’s going on in Switzerland at any time, form your own opinions and participate in discussions on current topics? Then 20 Minuten is just for you! You can now easily change the language setting to English in the 20 Minuten and 20 minutes apps.

  1. Open the 20 Minuten or 20 minutes app

  2. Register free of charge with a single click on "Login" in the bottom tabbar

  3. Choose your preferred language

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Download or open the 20 Minuten app.

Download or open the 20 Minuten app.

With nearly 140 articles and videos every day, we provide you with a reliable overview of what’s going on in the country as well as the hottest small-talk topics to discuss on your lunch break.

Software will automatically translate all the 20 Minuten articles in the app. They won’t be flawless translations, but that’s something we accept because we want to offer the whole country the opportunity to access up-to-the-minute information. Try it out, it’s fun!

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